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How to ban Internet access from operator pages on your SCADA system?

Internet access and gaming on an operator console not only distracts the operator from watching the smooth operation of the plant and responding swiftly to dangerous alarms but also opens the door widely to intruders and hackers to invade the core of your plant, implant a virus or steal highly proprietary information.

No Google maps or Games any more on the operator console once and for all

For Wonderware ArchestrA HMI’s, TeQnovation now provide you a very reliable solution by embedding a remote desktop solution inside the original InTouch runtime application to avoid any interaction with the operating system in case remote desktop should be used to open up multiple different plants via your SCADA System. This is now possible thanks to a newly developed software tool which integrates Remote Desktop in Wonderware System Platform with single sign-on functionality by having a specific ArchestrA Client Control (Importing DLL File) for your solution.

Remote Desktop symbol in InTouch
Remote Desktop symbol in InTouch
Remote Desktop in InTouch viewer
Remote Desktop in InTouch viewer

Why it was created and released?

In response to increasingly complex cyber threats, authorities and OT implementation rules tighter cyber security rules and regulations are required. These cyber security rules and regulations demand all access to external software’s, popups, settings, etc. to be blocked on operator screens and workstations. The most secure solution would be to deploy a remote desktop solution next to the SCADA system… till NOW.
Until now, this solution would result in a more complex operation of your Wonderware ArchestrA Console because the remote desktops are normally opened via exe-commands on the local operator stations or on a separate PC which results also in more confusion and handling the comparison between different machines and will result in loss of focus on both systems. It would still not be secure with all remote desktops centralized and made available via a “spare” desktop which is again exposing a security risk in case all features are still available on that “spare” desktop.
TeQnovation, Your Wonderware specialist, now developed the solution for you! And we have many more solutions to come!
TeQRDP is one of many useful plugins TeQnovation developed to improve usability or design of Wonderware ArchestrA systems. It is a Wonderware Client Control object to implement a direct connection via your Wonderware SCADA system to your remote desktops without a need to fill in a login and password after configuration. Thus, the SCADA is fully capable of accessing the remote desktops through its own framework without the need of accessing the Windows system. This is the essential advantage because it enables the operator to use the system as before with a single sign-on policy being maintained. He doesn’t need to log-in each time before being able to acknowledge an alarm or change a set-point, which would not be acceptable to the operators and will slow down operator actions.

TeQRDP's compatibility Matrix

TeQRDP Compatibility Matrix
TeQRDP Compatibility Matrix
Wonderware System PlatformOperating SystemMinimum Requirement
Wonderware Application Server 2014 R2 SP1 4.1Windows Server 2012 R2Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Wonderware Application Server 2017 Update 3 SP1 17.3.100Windows Server 2012 R2Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

As operating system environments, Wonderware Software’s and .Net Frameworks are changing frequently, TeQnovation will continue updating the Software Compatibility Matrix when testing is completed and verified for release. Priority support can be given in case another operating system, Wonderware Software’s and .Net Frameworks needs to be included on request.

How to use the TeQRDP?

Import the TeQRDP in Wonderware ArchestrA IDE via the standard procedures from Wonderware System Platform and ArchestrA. The below video shows you the initial steps to import the .Net Control into your Wonderware ArchestrA environment and how to create a symbol and embed the object and set properties of the embedded object. To learn how to use it in an InTouch application, you can download TeQRDP with the manual from the next section.

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