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“MEOFS GT&C Co. was incorporated in 2007 with the objective to support the Oil, Gas & Power sectors in the State of Kuwait with a work of the utmost technical quality. With solid technical capacity for the products & services offered, MEOFS has always been based on the integration of its own workforce along the utilization of several strategically aimed partnerships that it has established through the years, and that provide the expertise, experience and outreach needed to accomplish the most complex projects and challenges in Kuwait & GCC.

MEOFS has a proven track record of transparency, reliability and excellent technical quality, which is our prime motive of prestige in Kuwait and in the Middle East Region. The standing of MEOFS as a fully owned Kuwaiti company operated and administered fully by Kuwaitis supported with strategic alliances, is one of the best in the State of Kuwait, and fulfills the national objectives of the Kuwaiti Government, mainly: To provide preference to the local industry, and to develop the local capacities of contractors, incrementing the knowledge, know-how and transfer of knowledge in Kuwait.”