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Hamriyah Steel – SQL Database Improvement Project

What we achieved

TeQnovation DMCC optimized a large SQL Database in a mirroring setup to have better control over the data growth. Special backup and archiving procedures have been implemented to keep the production servers hard drives space optimal and the database clean with only last 2 years of data. A special mirroring tool was also developed to provide a small user interface to the maintenance team for faster monitoring and control of the mirroring setup without accessing the SQL Server software back-end. The tool has the availability to see the status, force a manual fail-over and monitors the redundancy of both servers to re-initiate the original location of the mirrored database upon a switch-over event.

What we used

Our SQL Query and .Net coding expertise to optimize the custom made database for Hamriyah Steel.

Goal of the Project

Optimize and automate the backup procedure from the SQL database, including optimizing the database content to have only 2 years data available while the older data will be archived in a separate database to keep the production system running optimal. A simple user interface for maintenance team was also required to avoid logging into the back-end of the SQL Server software.