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Wonderware Consulting Service

At TeQnovation we understand that the success and failure of Wonderware projects is determined at an early stage. We are expert at determining the factors that will lead to success before the implementation of the actual systems. It is critical to identify the needs of the business and develop a proper roadmap and strategy before initiating the Wonderware project.

We at TeQnovation have multiple years of experience in consultancy on Wonderware projects, and technical know-how and experience in large projects around the globe, working with national and international companies. This deep-dive knowledge allows us to formulate a roadmap to success that will highlight and avoid the possible pitfalls in your endeavor.

To assist our clients from start to finish, TeQnovation covers multiple aspects of a Wonderware implementation project, from solution architecture to technology definition, automated engineering practices and most important of all, proper training for our clients.

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Our relationship to the outside world is already reoriented due to the global, novel Covid-19 virus that keeps us contained in our homes-maybe for months. To get free online support for your Wonderware system, please fill in your details below and our support team will contact you shortly.