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Wonderware Specialized Services

TeQnovation partners with a variety of special service companies covering various industry verticals, each with its own specialized expertise and services. Each specialized service is explained below in detail. These partnerships allow us to bring extra value to our customers, providing more complete solutions.


MES Solutions For The Upstream Oil And Gas Market


  • Administration and implementation of RTDBs OSI Soft PI, SQL
  • Detection of malfunctions and repair
  • Check-up of compliance with documentation and instructions
  • Administration and implementation of RTDB Wonderware Historian
  • Support of corporate reporting system for finance and logistics, based on SAP BO BW, BI solutions
  • Administration and implementation of SAP BO
  • Provides consulting services and technical solutions for implementation and application of integrated modeling tools and automation of workflows requiring application of an integrated model and its particular components for oil and gas production and processing companies
  • Development of a target state of the Digital Oil Field information environment
  • Administration and implementation of Hydrocarbon Accounting System (Energy Components Tieto)




  • Functional analysis & design: determine with the client who are the agents involved, in and out of the room, how they should interact and how they should be fed with information
  • Layout analysis & design: determine the most appropriate spatial organization of the room for achieving the requirements uncovered/designed during functional analysis & design
  • Console and furniture design & manufacture: ensure physical & cognitive ergonomics, as well giving easy access to all needed information & controls, provide storage and archiving facilities, lockers… Manufacture, ship and install all furniture on site.
  • User interface and interaction design: determine which information is needed, how it should be presented, and how users interact with the software
  • Environmental design: lighting, HVAC, acoustics
  • Finishings: a selection of materials, textures, and colors for all visible surfaces in the room (including furniture)

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