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Wonderware Products List

Wonderware Software

These products are widely used by TeQnovation, with dedicated focus on faster engineering by using custom-made automation tools, smarts in the solution architecture and intelligent coding in the software itself. All our engineers are Wonderware certified in these softwares and have the skills to consult, design, deliver and support the softwares.

Information Server
Historian Client

System Platform
InTouch Access Anywhere
Device Integration

TeQnovation Rugged Computer Units (TeQRCU’s)

TeQnovation Rugged Computer Units (TeQ RCU’s) are IP67 computers offering a perfect Fanless, waterproof, computer solution for wet and demanding locations, including corrosive environments. These waterproof computers are designed for all weather conditions and built with an extremely rugged stainless-steel enclosure or a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure with an anti-corrosion treatment.

TeQnovation PCs are IP67 Rated and are Water, Corrosive & Toxic (i.e. H2S, etc.) “PROOF” not just resistant under extreme temperatures.

Other specialized features and options include when ordering the RCU’s are:

  • DC input options of 12V, 24V or a DC Range (vehicle power support)
  • Waterproof computers, LCD’s and systems
  • Systems with no fans and solid-state flash drives – no moving parts
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Full installation and configuration support of all your software needs
  • Outdoor computer solutions, sealed, daylight/sunlight readable
  • Low power operation suitable for battery power
  • Extended temperature operation
  • Thermal monitoring, Auto Power on power loss
  • Multiple Com. & USB ports, TV/S-Video support

For any information or quote regarding our RCU’s, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will be happy to assist you.

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