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Who We Are

TeQnovation is a progressive technology and innovation-driven company with a team of experienced engineers focused on integrating and delivering creative and results-driven solutions in the development and implementation of Industrial Automation systems.

We merge our multi-disciplinary engineering and technology expertise in SCADA (Wonderware), RTU’s (Ovarro), DCS integration, MES, IoT, software, cloud, and data analytics with deep domain knowledge to create an optimized solution in serving multiple industries including but not limited to:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
  • Refining & Petrochemicals
  • Energy Utilities (Power & Distribution) including Alternative Energy
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Manufacturing including Steel, Aluminium, etc.
  • Food & Beverage Processing and more

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What We Do

TeQnovation offers an independent, non-biased consulting and engineering service based on our extensive SCADA experience combined with in-depth knowledge of industrial information technology. In modern industry, SCADA systems encompass many diverse and complex technologies and offer extensive features, therefore it would be necessary for the integrators to select and optimize the application of SCADA technology in a robust, usable and cost-effective manner that provides customers with a safe and reliable platform to operate their business assets. Also due to the unique nature of SCADA applications relative to IT systems, IT personnel are becoming more involved with SCADA systems which can create conflicting cultures and priorities due to the lack of understanding of each other’s technologies and business requirements. TeQnovation has recognized this issue with SCADA and IT. In response, we have assembled the best of the best in personnel from both sides of the industry to combat this issue head on. TeQnovation will help close the required gap between SCADA and IT with innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Mission

To be the best in class for Wonderware implementations by delivering specialized services, consultancy and deep-dive Wonderware knowledge.

How We Do It

TeQnovation has developed a multi-stage service cycle that offers comprehensive project planning and implementation capabilities in the control and automation industry. We call it the “TeQnovation Total Solution”.

Our methodology is comprised of five stages, each containing a set of tasks that, when completed, produces a deliverable. Deliverables that are sequentially achieved, will be culminated in the successful realization of a project goal.

Stage 1: Requirements Analysis

  • Priorities Review
  • Data Collection and Review
  • Technology Requirements
  • Control and Automation Requirements like SCADA, controllers, etc.
  • Business Requirements
  • Regulation Requirements
  • Identify Specific Components Requirements
  • Data Collection and Review
  • Options and Solutions

Stage 2: Design

  • Hardware Specification/Estimates
  • Time and Cost Specification/Estimates
  • System/Network/Application Architecture Design
  • Define Specific Components Process and Execution Plan
  • Technical, SCADA, Business, and Regulatory Needs (Based on Industry Standards Best Practices)

Stage 3: Execution

  • Project Expectations, Outline, and Creation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Assigning of Resources
  • Departmental and Business Unit Coordination
  • Vendor Coordination and Management
  • Direct or Active Participation in Project Development
  • Direct or Active Participation in Project Implementation Data Migration

Stage 4: Verification

  • Validation Protocol
  • Prospective/Retrospective Validation
  • Direct or Active Participation in Project Testing Portfolio TeQnovation
  • Perform Factory (FAT) and Site (SAT) Acceptance Testing
  • Audit and Verify Custom Codes
  • Audit and Verify Hardware, Software, and Communications
  • Review/Monitor System and Network Performance

Stage 5: Maintenance

  • Documentations
  • Hands-on Product/User Training and Coaching
  • System/Network/ Application Support
  • Managed Services Support

Our Vision

To be an exclusive Wonderware Integrator with a strong focus on our clients and an excellent support strategy that our clients can depend on.

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Our Management Team

TeQnovation started business in 2016, but the managers behind are all experienced engineers,
and have been living and working in the control and automation world for many years. The below
Organization chart shows our current structure with roles and responsibilities. These managers
work closely as a team to serve our clients’ business.

Joe Summa


Tom Van Geijstelen

Managing Director

Ayeh Azari

Executive Manager

Jay Arvin Mandario

Engineering Manager Wonderware