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Who we are

TeQnovation is the leading provider of Wonderware Solutions on a global scale. Headquartered in Houston in the United States, we are active worldwide as well as through our second office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our third office in the Sultanate of Oman and several other partner offices in the Middle East.
TeQnovation was founded by a group of highly respected experts in Wonderware. Over the years, this group has built a strong reputation in various industries such as Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Energy and Utilities and Manufacturing. Our expertise and vast experience allow us to enhance your Wonderware project by “Integrating Technology with Innovative Minds.”

Our Mission

To be the best in class for Wonderware implementations by delivering specialized services, consultancy and deep-dive Wonderware knowledge.

Our Vision

To be an exclusive Wonderware Integrator with a strong focus on our clients and an excellent support strategy that our clients can depend on.

Our Team

We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn.

Joe Summa

Joe has over 45 years of business experience. He studied Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science (BS) and later went on for Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Early in his career he was an Officer in the US Air Force where he obtained the final rank of Major and was selected to the Inspector General team of experts for strategic ballistic missile systems. His commercial career started in 1978 with Procter & Gamble (P&G) when he received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Harvard Business School. From 1985 to 1995 he worked at Scientific Software-Intercomp, Inc. (SSI) which became the world leader in oil & gas scientific software and was later sold in 1995 to Halliburton and Schlumberger. In 1996 he founded Technical Toolboxes (TT) a software and training company focused on integrated suites of technical software for the Oil & Gas industry. In 1999 TT became the exclusive strategic partner for the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) where he was advisor to the President & Board of PRCI. In 2000 Mr. Summa started TechCorr LLC which is an advanced inspection technology company and later Summa Group LLC a holding company for several new technology start-ups. Mr. Summa is founder and current chairman of TeQnovation LLC and TeQnovation DMCC. Mr. Summa is an active investor in new technology start-ups and is a regular speaker at conferences on a wide range of Oil & Gas related subjects.

Tom van Geijstelen
Managing Director

Tom has more than 10 years extensive experience in setting up successful businesses with distinct skill sets in assembling international and multicultural project teams steaming them towards success in the Middle East.
Tom has a proven and solid track records in Industrial Automation and Integration. He has challenged and stretched solution architecture design, system performance design, project execution methodology and efficient engineering solution methodologies for all kinds of verticals, but with a major focus on Oil and Gas Industries.
Tom brings a unique cognitive lens to the integrated operator of the future industry and his experience also includes Standardization of different process control systems (Foxboro, Yokogawa, DeltaV, Honeywell) and creating of unified systems for operational centres of the Oil & Gas sector in the Middle East with a strong methodology to increase the efficiency in the engineering, troubleshooting, maintenance and documentation strategies of these complex projects.
Tom has held every conceivable role in the control and automation industry from junior engineer up to project manager of very large integration projects, as well a business development and general manager role in the Middle East.
Tom has a Master’s Degree in Science, Electro Mechanics and Automation and strongly believes that turning pain points into success stories will introduce a new era of solutions in different industries.

Ayeh Azari
Executive Manager

Ayeh Azari has more than 10 years’ experience in procurement and commercial affairs from which 8 years were passed with tackling challenges and overcoming obstacles in Petrochemical & Oil and Gas plants.
Ayeh was head of procurement department in a well-known EPC Telecom System Integrator company for about 4 years and during this time, she was in charge of purchasing high-tech telecom equipment for projects worth more than 50 Million USD.
She managed a VSAT offshore project in the Arabian Gulf with CNPC for three years and was part of a team negotiating 3 submarine cable laying projects in the Arabian Gulf with Omani and UAE companies.
She was in charge of Tenders and could manage different teams to keep working on-track while under the pressure of multiple tasks and she could prove that she can handle deadline pressure well with limited resources.
To strengthen her skillset and ensuring her continuous development of self-improvement, Ayeh took courses in negotiation, procurement and contract management, and risk management based on PMBOCK which will bring more added-value to the TeQnovation DMCC team.
By displaying enthusiasm and confidence into her work and having a positive attitude toward every challenge she could create a more productive work atmosphere with her team.

Jay Arvin Mandario
Engineering Manager Wonderware

Jay Arvin Mandario is the Engineering Manager of TeQnovation DMCC with more than 10 years’ experience in Industrial Automation. He is an engineering expert in system integration and SCADA development using Wonderware based applications and has comprehensive knowledge on system design and engineering solutions for Oil & Gas CCR’s and food manufacturing plant automations.
Jay’s experience involves engineering solutions and development, solution testing and on-site commissioning, conduct training and documentations, technical support and provide consultancy activities on site or offsite.
During 2010-2013, Jay was one of the Key persons in providing solutions and engineering of a Wonderware System Platform based on a unified Central SCADA application for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and Oman Gas Company (OGC). These solutions provided the operators in CCR’s with the required monitoring and control of Oil & Gas production from the stations across the Sultanate of Oman.
Since 2014 Jay was involved in engineering and development of Automation system for various food manufacturing plants across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa. His recent experience involves provision of development, commissioning and onsite/offsite support for Wonderware based SCADA applications for Oil & Gas production, Petrochemical and Steel plants.

Heinz van Kempen
Sales Director

Heinz has more than 35 years of extensive experience in electrical and automation business. While holding a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and initially working in this field, he joined Honeywell, a leader in process automation, during the early days of digital IT when digital control systems for Process Automation were still based on proprietary hardware and software and PC’s had just replaced typewriters and started their explosive development to what they are today. Wonderware InTouch was born during this time because DCS systems were not designed for small batch processes and the affordable alternative was very welcomed everywhere.
Customer relationship is the focus of Heinz’s activities over his entire career in Germany and later in the Middle East. Leading sales, support and service teams combines all aspects of working with clients; understanding customer needs, developing solutions with the team and providing first line support during live time of systems and products.
He got experience with the pyramid of the products, systems and solutions from instrumentation and valves through control room operations and advanced applications up to MES and ERP and knows about the specific requirements in different markets and industries. In TeQnovation DMCC he frontends our approach of providing first class solutions with integrating technology with innovative minds.

Abdallah Mohammed Al Araimi
Business Development Director

Abdullah is studying master of executive management in the Liverpool University and he has more than 15 years’ experience in business administration and business development in different industries and across GCC countries.
His professional skills plus his personality and gifts of perception gains the trust of his customers and colleagues. Besides, his unique communication skill helps him to tackle business challenges easier. He is eager toward learning and tries to apply his knowledge in to practice. To get more involved with project challenges and difficulties professionally, he got certificate of Strategic Planning from Singapore enabling him to deal with unexpected obstacles during projects’ execution with strategic solutions.
Building a strong customer relationship is what Abdullah focusses on the most, since he believes “to finish of a contract is the beginning of relationship”.
Abdullah is an entrepreneur and welcomes new challenging business ideas and opportunities and considers them as a new learning experience with multi-faceted challenges where he can challenge himself by utilizing his expertise and knowledge.

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