TeQnovation industrial PCs are ideal for applications that require a rugged & reliable computer solution purpose-built for hostile environments. Our PCs are IP67 Rated and are Water, Corrosive & Toxic (i.e. H2S, etc.) “PROOF” not just resistant under extreme temperatures.


Do you want to use LoRaWAN to deploy your IoT solution in the Oil & Gas Industry? Internet of  Things (IoT) is the widest network being deployed that interconnects devices and the internet to collect and share data about how they are used, its environment, letting those devices to be controlled in innovative ways.


The best solutions in industrial equipment based on the design and manufacture of their models, as well as the integration of electronic components and hardware platforms of the latest technology in order to have an innovative, powerful, flexible, and scalable product that continuously adapts to the needs of today’s market.


Rilheva provides ready to use plugins to collect data from any source in your industry. It is Hardware independent. It uses your preferred gateways and spread the collected data to your BI tool or ERP.