What is Wonderware?

Wonderware holds a legendary past that has transformed industrial automation with the help of modern computing. It is a highly sophisticated and versatile system that offers the finest technology that can be applied for various solutions in industries like oil and gas, infrastructure, tunnels, power, water and wastewater, and other utilities.  

It was specifically designed for systems of systems application. In other words, it has the capability to centralize the real-time information obtained from distinctive local systems. 

TeQnovation is a certified system integrator partner for Wonderware. Also, TeQnovation engineers are Wonderware certified and take pride in providing you Wonderware support. Due to the dynamic nature of Wonderware’s support, TeQnovation provides customized support services that better suit the client’s needs.

Process control with Wonderware

wonderware toolkit
wonderware InTouch
Wonderware Information Server
Wonderware Historian Client
Wonderware System Platform
Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere
Wonderware Historian
Wonderware Device Integration

Wonderware Tools

  1. Wonderware ToolkitWonderware offers several Toolkits that allow custom programming to automate as well as extend the functionality of the software. Precisely, the toolkit allows developers to extend the system and Wonderware InTouch to meet specific integration needs. Besides, industrial businesses can customize applications, enforce adherence to industry standards, and protect intellectual property. Toolkits include ArchestrA Object Toolkit, Alarm Toolkit, DA Server Toolkit, Historian Toolkit, Wizard Toolkit, Script Toolkit, and GRAccess Toolkit.
  2. InTouch is a high-quality HMI visualization software that helps customers in achieving operational excellence. Beyond simple graphics, InTouch allows application developers to create meaningful content to drive operational productivity while reducing cost. Operators can also optimize their human interactions with automation systems specific to their industries.
  3. Information ServerThis tool can be implemented easily to aggregate and present plant production and overall data performance on the company’s intranet or web portal. Wonderware information server allows facilities management and engineering personnel, and operators to directly view the critical on-going processes. This helps them achieve better traceability, collaboration, and troubleshooting.
  4. System PlatformIt is a comprehensive industrial automation solution as it provides operators with an intelligent alarming, rich visualisation of processes, flexible analysis, and reporting tools. Besides, it empowers users with plug-in extension apps like MES, batch, quality, workflow, and enterprise integration to improve operations performance and sustainable production. Wonderware system platform serves as a single source for information for business users.
  5. InTouch Access AnywhereIt is basically an extension of Wonderware InTouch that allows mobile users to access InTouch applications through HTML5-compliant Web browsers. With this tool, mobile SCADA and remote web HMI users can easily control real-time operations data. This tool help users make informed decisions to optimize operations while reducing maintenance and travel costs.
  6. HistorianThis Wonderware tool is a high-performance database that allows users to gain historical information. This tool is capable of storing huge volumes of plant data. It ensures that core data is available for decision-makers at all levels so that operational productivity could be optimized.

TeQnovation utilizes Wonderware software, and more importantly, our engineers are certified in all of this software. Besides, TeQnovation engineers possess all the essential skills to design, consult, deliver as well as support for the software.