Rilheva IIoT Platform

What is an IIoT Platform?

IIoT platform is a system for connecting industrial field hardware with an end-user Application. It is a tool for storing, managing, and generating value from the source data.

An IIoT Platform is the key to the success in generating process awareness and developing a great long term strategic vision.

A powerful IIoT Platform is the enabling element to reduce plant management costs, to increase energy efficiency, to have preventive control over the state of health of the machines, to control times and to create new services designed to meet customer needs switching from reactive paradigm to preventive (or predictive) one.


Rilheva Remote Management Platform

Looking for an easy-to-use remote-management platform?

that makes your business IIoT ready

Got what you need!

Rilheva offers an easy Turnkey SaaS solution for your Industry

Rilheva Connect Hardware

Rilheva IIoT is the ONLY Turnkey SaaS Monitoring and Management Platform for Industry

Rilheva provides ready to use plugins to collect data from any source in your industry. It is Hardware independent. It uses your preferred gateways and spread the collected data to your BI tool or ERP.

Just login and play with the Platform!

The –zero time to market– strategy let you immediately get benefits from your platform, connect the hardware, select the data you want to expose and set up a dashboard to be shared with your colleagues.
The solution provides data storage with a no-code configuration, and in a few seconds from your request the result is available. With the Easy User Experience (as of B2C market), you can use the software platform without being a data scientist or having specific technical skills. Try it out!

Download Rilheva IIoT Platform Brochure