TeQnovation Rugged Computer Units


TeQnovation Rugged Computer Units (TeQ RCU’s) are IP67 computers offering a perfect Fanless, waterproof, computer solution for wet and demanding locations, including corrosive environments. These waterproof computers are designed for all weather conditions and built with an extremely rugged stainless-steel enclosure or a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure with an anti-corrosion treatment.

Rugged Vertical

TeQnovation PCs are IP67 Rated and are Water, Corrosive & Toxic (i.e. H2S, etc.) “PROOF” not just  resistant under extreme temperatures.

Other specialized features and options include when ordering the RCU’s are:

  • DC input options of 12V, 24V or a DC Range (vehicle power support)
  • Waterproof computers, LCD’s and systems
  • Systems with no fans and solid-state flash drives – no moving parts
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Full installation and configuration support of all your software needs
  • Outdoor computer solutions, sealed, daylight/sunlight readable
  • Low power operation suitable for battery power
  • Extended temperature operation
  • Thermal monitoring, Auto Power on power loss
  • Multiple Com. & USB ports, TV/S-Video support

For any information or quote regarding our RCU’s, please contact us.

Download our TeQnovation TeQRCU Brochure