Refining & Petrochemicals

November 8, 2021

What we Achieved

TeQnovation connected the central control room in OSWS to the different Solar RTU’s via the central SCADA system to monitor all the energy efficiency and energy savings used for different plants in the overall Sohar Industrial area.

What we Used

TeQnovation used the existing system platform solution in place in OSWS to be able to configure all templates, instances, IO-points, and specially designed graphics for showing state-of-the-art-designed dashboards for the entire solar system in place. A separate client desktop was also provided and the license extension for more IO’s has been implemented accordingly to accommodate the new signals.

Goal of the Project

The goal was to make sure that all soft- and hard IO’s coming from the Solar RTU’s will be read and controlled into the SCADA system in the OSWS control room. One of the main challenges to implement was a specialized SQL database to provide daily/weekly/monthly and yearly overview dashboards of energy efficiency and savings. OSWS and Majis confirmed the goal was achieved and we would like to thank all participants in this project, including the EPC Unicorn for their great support and commitment to this project.