Turn Requirements into a Proper Design

At TeQnovation, we fully understand the needs and requirements of our customers and provide them with customised solutions. Our experts can turn requirements of clients into a proper design.

We leverage engineering principles to offer fit-to-purpose solutions by exploiting best out of Wonderware products. To do so, we work closely with all of our clients. This helps us build a fit-for-purpose solution for them.

At TeQnovation, design stage may vary depending on the Wonderware project and thereby, it employs different approaches based on specific needs. More importantly, in the early stages of your Wonderware project, prototyping is the best solution to overcome the potential challenges that may arise and impact Wonderware implementation in the long run.

Our engineers create a prototype initially to identify the potential risks and challenges. Once prototyping is done, our team of experts focuses on the further deployment, documentation, materials, toolkits, and products that are used.

TeQnovation System Design
System Design

Wonderware System Design Steps

Our core strength in the Wonderware system design stage is the use of automated engineering tools that are the fit-for-purpose solution. These tools help us develop approved prototype design into a full-fledged solution.

  1. PrototypingWe use prototyping as a solution to identify the customers’ needs and overcome potential challenges. Prototyping is crucial when it comes to large Wonderware projects.
  2. DevelopmentAfter that, our engineers focus on the development of system design.
  3. DocumentationWe provide our clients with comprehensive documentation regarding Wonderware system design.
  4. Custom Made RedundancyWe also make improvements in the Wonderware system design as per the requirements of our clients. This redundancy method helps us provide our clients with the best possible system design that enhances the reliability of many industrial processes and plants.
  5. Unified SolutionAt TeQnovation, we offer unified software solutions that help clients improve their production processes while reducing their inventory costs.
  6. ToolkitsOur engineers emphasize toolkits for custom programming to automate and extend the software functionality. Basically, toolkits help our developers to meet the specific integration needs in your Wonderware project.
  7. Rapid Development ToolsTo make the software good from its design to launch, rapid development tools are crucial. Our engineers use these tools to accelerate the development of Wonderware software.
  8. Product IntegrationAfter the Wonderware system design has gone through prototyping, and other processes, our engineers will also integrate the product into the system.
  9. Support ProgramsWe also offer support programs to our clients to avoid any issue in system design they might confront in future.