Wonderware Specialized Services

Different Specialized Services

The company TeQnovation has collaborated with a wide array of different specialized service providing firms that aim to cover the multiple industry dimensions, each with its own set of specialized services and expertise. Every specialized service is explicitly discussed in the following section. These strategic alliances have paved the way to add additional value to the astute customers through the provision of complete solution packages.

Upstream of the Oil and Gas Sector via MES Solutions:

  • implementations and administration of the RTDBs OSI Soft PI, SQL
  • Repair and malfunction detection
  • Compliance check-up through instructions and documentation
  • implementations and administration of RTDB Wonderware Historian
  • Support mechanism for corporate reporting processes for logistics and finance, on the basis of BI solutions, SAP BO BW.
  • implementations and administration of SAP BO
  • Offers consulting services in addition to the technical support for the implementations and administration of integrated modelling tools, workflow automation demanding implementation of well-integrated models and its specific components required within the production of oil and gas in the processing organisations.
  • Creation of a targeted state of the Digital Oil Field Information Environment
  • implementations and administration of Hydrocarbon accounting system (Energy Components Tieto)
Oil & Gas

Ergonomic Design and Engineering (Symbio)

We created a partnership with a highly sophisticated Ergonomic Design and engineering company to provide the following services:
  • Functional design and analysis: meet within the clients to determine the involved agents, within and outside the room, how the interaction is going to take place and how the information should be transported.
  • Layout design and analysis: meet with the clients to determine the adequate spatial organisation within the room for the acquisition of the design requirements throughout the functional design and analysis.
  • Console, design, and manufacturing of the furniture: we guarantee cognitive and physical ergonomics, and providing easy access to various needed information and controls, offer storage and facilities involving archiving, lockers, etc., manufacturing, installation, and shipment of all furniture on the placement site.
  • User interface and also the interaction design: the process which information is required, how information should be presented, and how the interaction of the users with the software needs to take place.
  • Designing Environment: HVAC, lighting, and acoustics.
  • Finishing: material selection, colours and textures for all of the visible surfaces within the room.