Joe Summa Chairman


Joe Summa

Joe has over 45 years of business experience. He studied Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science (BS) and later went on for Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Early in his career he was an Officer in the US Air Force where he obtained the final rank of Major and was selected to the Inspector General team of experts for strategic ballistic missile systems. His commercial career started in 1978 with Procter & Gamble (P&G) when he received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Harvard Business School. From 1985 to 1995 he worked at Scientific Software-Intercomp, Inc. (SSI) which became the world leader in oil & gas scientific software and was later sold in 1995 to Halliburton and Schlumberger. In 1996 he founded Technical Toolboxes (TT) a software and training company focused on integrated suites of technical software for the Oil & Gas industry. In 1999 TT became the exclusive strategic partner for the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) where he was advisor to the President & Board of PRCI. In 2000 Mr. Summa started TechCorr LLC which is an advanced inspection technology company and later Summa Group LLC a holding company for several new technology start-ups. Mr. Summa is founder and current chairman of TeQnovation LLC and TeQnovation DMCC. Mr. Summa is an active investor in new technology start-ups and is a regular speaker at conferences on a wide range of Oil & Gas related subjects.



01 July 1960


Houston, Texas, USA