TeQnovation – Texas Commercial Fire and Safety – Houston, Texas, USA – Unified e-commerce Platform

August 4, 20180

Something totally different than we ever have been doing in TeQnovation. Couple of weeks ago we got a request from a company in Houston, Texas, United States of America to provide a unified e-commerce platform for different websites. Texas Commercial Fire and Safety is on the brink of massive expansion and needs an easy-to-integrate e-commerce platform to expand their business rapidly. A special designed e-commerce platform with workflow functionality will be developed for Texas Commercial Fire and Safety to achieve this with a potential expansion of this platform to be used for world wide delivery of Fire and Safety material all over the globe. You can read about Texas Commercial Fire and Safety via our partner page as an initial start (https://teqnovation.com/partners/texas-commercial-fire-safety/). More information will follow once the new e-commerce platform is in place but feel free to ask us already questions on this topic in case interested.

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