Remote Desktop Plugin (TeQRDP) released

March 30, 2020

TeQnovation is currently creating multiple plugins for release. These plugins are made to improve the usability and design of Wonderware ArchestrA systems. Our first plugin release, named TeQnovation Remote Desktop Plugin (TeQRDP), is a Wonderware Client Control object to implement a direct connection via your Wonderware SCADA system to your remote desktops without a need to fill a login and password after configuration. Thus, your SCADA is fully capable of accessing the remote desktops through its own framework without the need of accessing the Windows system. This is the essential advantage because it enables the operator to use the system as before with a single sign-on policy being maintained. The operator doesn’t need to log-in each time before being able to acknowledge an alarm or change a setpoint in a remote system, which would not be acceptable to the operators and will slow down operator actions.

You can read more about it on the TeQRDP page.