TeQRDP Plugin

Integrate Remote Desktop with Wonderware ArchestrA



    25th of August 2020
    5PM UAE Time

    What is the TeQRDP?

    Did you ever try to use a standard Remote Desktop Protocol connection within your Wonderware ArchestrA Supervisory Client for operating a plant, a tunnel or a BMS system? You will know it is useless because it is not really integratable. It is complicated and yet, it is not safe, the operator can use the remote machine to play games or write his email.

    The Good News: TeQnovation, your Wonderware specialist, now developed the solution for you: TeQRDP, the integrated Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) solution for Wonderware ArchestrA HMIs. TeQRDP allows for one single Log On, you can make it fill a screen or minimize to a small icon, it will pop up when required and it shows you the application you need, no way to Windows through the back door.