SQL Database Improvement Project

What we Achieved

We maximized the performance of the SQL Database in an identical manner to ascertain and provide superior control over the data growth. Special archiving and backup operations have been enforced to ensure efficient utilization of hard drives space in the production servers while ascertaining that the database is comprised of data from the last two years.
A unique mirroring tool was developed to give a user-friendly interface to the maintenance team for effectively controlling and monitoring of the mirroring setup without the need of having the back-end of the SQL Server software. The tool is packed with features like reviewing status, forcing manual fail-over, and monitoring servers’ redundancy to reinitiate native location of the identical/mirrored database in case of a switch-over event.

What we Used

TeQnovation used .Net coding and SQL Query expertise to optimize and enhance the custom-made Hamriyah Steel database.

Goal of the Project

The goal of the project was to automate and optimize the backup SQL database procedure, which includes the optimization of the database content in such a way that it is comprised of data from the last two years. To ensure that the production system is running perfectly, the older data will be sent to a separate database. A simple, user-friendly interface was also required for the maintenance team to avoid having the need of accessing the back-end of the SQL Server.