Golden Falcon

With humble beginnings in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2001, Golden Falcon Technical Services (GFTS) has since evolved into a market-leading product and services organization, offering for the thriving market of the local UAE.
With over 10 years of customer-centric, strong approach, and persistent pursuit for premium quality has facilitated GFTS to accomplish and maintain leadership within all prominent business lines.
Helping our clients solve the toughest challenges pertaining to technological and engineering issues is what drives our company, and this is the ultimate vision. We are dedicated to comprehending the individualised challenges of all our customers irrespective of the fact that they belong to Oil and Gas Sector, Government entity, or a private firm, we always implement the most appropriate mix of the services and technologies to facilitate our customers in surpassing their objectives.
In the present world, GFTS is the main provider of the services and products design specifically to cater not only the needs and demands of the oil and gas sector bit multivariate industries throughout the UAE. Our dedication and commitment is to offer advanced technologies as well as the services which are globally available while complying with the phenomenal development of the industries within the UAE.
As a result of strategic alliances with multinational corporations, GFTS has been formulated as a premier and professional firm in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in terms of meeting the requirements of the clients through the provision of premium quality standards, technical support, and after-sales services.