Majis – Third Party Audit OSWS

What we Achieved

TeQnovation was requested by Oman Strategic Water Supply (OSWS) in the Sohar Industrial area to perform an audit on the existing SCADA solution in the Central Control Room. A detailed report was created with all findings and roadmap improvements to enhance the state-of-the-art SCADA system with the latest software features.

What we Used

TeQnovation used specialized consultants to investigate the current running system, including certified SCADA engineers. Years of experience was used to even provide hands-on training during the audit so OSWS can further analyze the system on healthiness.

Goal of the Project

A need was there to analyze the current running system in place and advise how the system can be enhanced for future plants to be integrated, including using new software features in future upgrades to enhance the current state of the art solution in place in OSWS. After submitting the report, a roadmap is created for further enhancements and delivered to OSWS.