Expertise Contracting Co. Ltd.

Aiming for premium service quality and excellence, TeQnovation consistently strives towards improvements in its strategic relationships. Our belief is that the satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority and is the ultimate key to success and goal accomplishment within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian Market, TeQnovation is privileged to proclaim our cooperation and coordination with the Expertise Contracting Co which is a leading Industrial Service Provider not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but in the Middle Eastern region as well.

With over 30 years of experience in multivariate industries and specifically within the unique engineering services offered in the Industrial Automation as well as the SCADA system, both the firms collectively provide value-added and innovative solutions to the mutual clients exceeding their requirement and expectations.

Headquartered in Jubail Industrial City, Expertise has an operating terminal extending over 175,000 sq. Meters with multiple branches located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With more than 4,000 in-house equipment and 5,000+ personnel working under the supreme sponsorship, the firm is a sizeable organisation.

Numerous services are offered by Expertise which includes Heavy Equipment Rental & Transportation, Power, Control & Automation (through TeQnovation, Plant Maintenance & Turnaround Services, Hydraulic Hoses, Steel & Aluminium services, Project Support, Scaffolding, Rotary Service, Rig move Service, Catering Services, and many more. The crew of Expertise is energised and enthusiastic, with over 20+ vast experience in terms of delivering premium quality with a competitive advantage overpricing.

TeQnovation and Expertise’s collective capabilities to attract and retain loyal customers, as well as the acquisition of new business entities through untapped opportunities within the market, would strengthen both the firms within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.