Salalah Methanol Company – Upgrade PLC HMI Desal1 and Elchlor

What we Achieved

TeQnovation replaced 2 Wonderware Systems in need of replacement, including providing upgrade services and improvements on the redundancy. The entire Wonderware solutions have been installed on brand new Siemens servers, tested completely, including reviewing the entire redundancy infrastructure for optimal performance for years to come.

What we Used

The latest Wonderware version was used during the time of execution. The entire InTouch applications have been migrated successfully and tested by Salalah Methanol Company

Goal of the Project

As mentioned in our achievement section, 2 Wonderware Systems have been replaced without downtime as it was planned to have systems running in parallel until the entire new upgrade was validated by Salalah Methanol Company. A great success was achieved with a happy customer, including having the system running till date without any single support request. A great achievement by all parties!