Well modification in ARA Petroleum Wonderware SCADA solution

What we Achieved

In conjunction with Orbital Projects and Services LLC, TeQnovation has revamped the current Wonderware SCADA and integrated emerging commissioned well for remotely controlling and monitoring in ARA Petroleum facilities.

What we Used

TeQnovation exploited already available Wonderware systems in ARA Petroleum and provided assistance to the suppliers to establish a self-sufficient and autonomous connection explicitly from the Well to a separate controller. This has contributed to decentralized communication instead of routing all signals to a single PLC.

Goal of the Project

The project was implemented in cohesion with Services LLC and Orbital Projects to ensure an independent and autonomous link to the decentralized PLC for the Well. This included the reconfiguration of the entire Wonderware SCADA system which enabled optimal controlling and monitoring from this PLC, which further resulted in a huge success.