Sustainable Water Services – Wonderware SCADA Modification

What we Achieved

TeQnovation successfully integrated all Majis Industrial Services SCADA system signals that were crucial for their Centrifugal Water Pump. The signals were changed by using Allen Bradley PLC, which transformed dependent controller to an independent controller. The newly developed Wonderware SCADA configuration harnessed the benefits of new logic design, which outperformed traditional configurations of Centrifugal Water Pump.

What we Used

TeQnovation intelligently employed the current Wonderware system in Majis, which was initially utilizing an older Wonderware version for a system platform.

Goal of the Project

The project was performed in cooperation with Al Gurg Automation & Controls (AGAC) and was submitted within the allocated time frame. Since several industries are dependent on Majis for water supply, TeQnovation ensured prompt delivery of the project.