Process Control and Specialized Reporting

What we Achieved

TeQnovation successfully handled the backup disk supply for all the PLCs from every plant segment, such as argon meter and 2 furnaces. Besides, since crucial changes in the IO’s was one of the requirements, including the logic IO’s and logic, TeQnovation displayed excellent results in redesigning the IO mapping for the whole plant. Lastly, a detailed, comprehensive report – comprising of all available logics of the plant – was drafted and submitted to Oman Aluminium Cast LLC.

What we Used

TeQnovation DMCC applied current PLC’s in the plant to ascertain that no additional spare parts were needed for plant operations.

Goal of the Project

The main objective of this project was to transform the contemporary furnaces program to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness and to lower the inessential complexity.

TeQnovation built new regulation loops for the existing damper systems to drastically reduce the gas usage, which ultimately contributed to improving return-on-investment and savings of this project. Finally, all benchmark standards, such as power consumption, water usage, and gas usage displayed a notable rise in efficiency and cost reduction.