Process Control and Specialized Reporting in Oman Aluminum Cast

What we Achieved

We successfully handled the backup disk supply for all the PLC’s from every plant’s segment, such as argon meter and 2 furnaces. Additionally, we performed complete IO-mapping and generated a comprehensive report incorporating high-level documentation and logic analysis. We also provided a full-time and highly capable engineer for ensuring timely delivery of services.

What we Used

We took full advantage of our engineers and the expertise of our partner to cover and deliver full project scope within the allocated time.

Goal of the Project

The project demanded adequate adjustments of the furnace program to enhance functionality while lowering the redundant sophistication. In addition, the project also included the construction of an upgraded regulation loop for the latest damper systems, improvements in the burner program to reduce SNG gas consumption, lower overall power and water consumption, and provide optimum control over tilting mechanism.