TeQnovation – Several new documents uploaded in our knowledge database

February 2, 20190

TeQnovation uploaded several new documents in our knowledge database. The following list summarizes the new documents:

  • 00.Ref3-Installing Windows Server 2008 Standard R2_V1.0
  • 01.Ref4-Windows Prerequisites for Windows 2012 R2 64-bit_V1.1
  • 01.Ref4-Windows Prerequisites for Windows 2012 R2 64-bit_V1.2
  • TeQ_07.Ref23-Frequent Questions-Disable the related Windows User Profile Service_V1.0
  • TeQ_07.Ref24-Frequent Questions-InTouch Windows Frame Issues_V1.0
  • 10.Ref6-Wonderware_Historian_Database_History Blocks Backup_V1.0
  • 10.Ref7-Wonderware_Historian_Database_Export_Tool_V1.0
  • 10.Ref8-Alarm_DB_Recovery_V1.0
  • 10.Ref9-Galaxy_Recovery_V1.0
  • 10.Ref10-Updating_and_Restoring_Historian Runtime Database_V1.0
  • 10.Ref11-WIS_Recovery_V1.0
  • 10.Ref12-Wonderware_Historian_Database_Import_Tool_V1.0
  • 16.Ref1-Integration of Hart Instrument to PACTware_V1.0
  • 16.Ref2-Installation PACTWare_4.1_SP5_V1.0

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