TeQnovation – Several new documents uploaded in our knowledge database

May 13, 20190

TeQnovation uploaded several new documents in our knowledge database. The following list summarizes the new documents:

  • 10.Ref13-Backup and Restore Hard Drive-Acronis2017_V1.0
  • 16.Ref2-Installation PACTWare_4.1_SP5_V1.1
  • 16.Ref3- Extended Frame Service v2.5 Installation_V1.0
  • 17.Ref2-Wincc OA 3.16 P2 Installation Procedure_V1.0
  • 17.Ref3-Wincc OA-Project_Backup_V1.0
  • 17.Ref4-Wincc OA-Project_Restore_V1.0
  • 19.Ref2-Split Excel File in Multiple CSV based on linenumber_V1.0
  • 20.Ref33-67964 Some Insight tags not populating when searched for
  • 21.Ref1-Preventive Maintenance Support WW SP Method Statement_V1.0

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