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March 2, 20190

TeQnovation couldn’t anticipate on the great success our knowledge database had till date. We would like to thank all our users from the Knowledge database by heart! Thanks to this great success, we decided to offer our current users one year free subscription upon renewal as this community is a vast growing cloud of expertise and lot of information is shared with us and resurrected via our knowledge database. As this success seems to continue, we will offer new subscribers that subscribes during the month of March 2019, a free subscription for 2 months, with unlimited downloads from our knowledge database… so be in a hurry to subscribe.

Furthermore, several new sections have been added to our knowledge database based on the requests from our community. One of the new sections is the most common issues that TeQnovation has faced in delivering Wonderware projects and how it was resolved based on the Wonderware Technotes. TeQnovation decided to share these technotes of the most common issues solved. Of course, as these technotes are coming from the Wonderware vendor, TeQnovation advise to contact always the technical support from Wonderware. Our technotes section is just a summary of technotes that helped us to solve issues at customer bases and is solely based on our expertise.

Happy browsing and looking forward to approve all new subscriptions.

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