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Oman Aluminium Cast – Process Control and Specialized Reporting

What we achieved

TeQnovation took care of the provision of backup disks for all the PLC’s from all segments of the plant, including the 2 furnaces and an argon meter. As there were changes in the logic and IO’s to be applied, the provision of the revised IO-mapping for the entire plant was also part of the deliverables. At the end of the project, a detailed report was handed over to Oman Aluminium Cast LLC which included detailed documentation of all the logic available in the current running plant.


What we used

TeQnovation DMCC used the existing PLC’s in the plant to be able to deliver this project, no exchange of spare parts were required to startup the plant successfully.


Goal of the Project

The goal of the project was to modify the existing program fro the furnaces to improve the efficiency and reduce the redundant complexity. By developing new regulation loops for the damper systems in place, the usage of gas reduced drastically which caused immediate savings and fast return of investment of this project. Last but not least, the titling mechanism was improved to better control the flow of the Aluminium. At the end of the project, all parameters like gas usage, water usage and power consumption showed an increase in efficiency and reduction of cost.