Supply & Installation of New InTouch Panels in PDO

What we Achieved

TeQnovation was successful in installing 17 InTouch Panel PCs that were fully upgraded with the latest Wonderware software version for Petroleum Development Oman – Fahud Compressors.

TeQnovation also completed all SAT and FAT tests in two phases and obtained satisfactory results. The installation drastically enhanced the compressors operational efficiency, while providing control and monitoring features using InTouch Panel PCs.

What we Used

We perfectly recorded all the requirements and produced a state-of-the art project layout for various work phases by using Petroleum Development Oman team’s input as well as thorough data – that was obtained during the site visits.

We replaced the old software and old touch PCs panel with Wonderware InTouch Version 2014 R2 software and Wonderware InTouch Panel PC – D Series. To prevent panel doors alteration and hot work permit, a masterly designed hardware frame was used to mount the latest InTouch Panel PCs.

Goal of the Project

PDO operation team highlighted various issues related to the control and monitoring of their compressors, which became the goal of the project. Main problems were mainly due to the use of obsolete software and old hardware that lacked giving support to the latest operating systems.

After the new InTouch Panel PCs and upgraded Wonderware software version have been installed, the underlined problems have been corrected and extra features have been modelled to ensure that the system is compatible with the future plans. Besides, we will continue to provide support to PDO to ascertain that these panels serve for a prolonged period.