ADNOC- ZADCO – Wonderware Best Practices enhancements

What we Achieved

SilverTech and TeQnovation have worked closely, side-by-side to integrate modern practices into the Zirku Galaxy. These practices benefit from the newest features, i.e., improved graphical performance based on performance measurement tool, common attributes for replacing Field-attributes, and Auto IO binding.

What we Used

SilverTech and TeQnovation exploited the newest features of the Wonderware System Platform to provide optimum engineering level solutions to standardize and optimize the engineering concepts with more out-of-the-box features and less scripting.

Goal of the Project

Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) The main goal of this project was to integrate new and latest techniques into Wonderware System platform to strengthen and improve the overall efficiency of ZADCO, in terms of providing hands-on training, enhancing in-house engineering practices, and providing manuals that will assist in future system management.